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Cost Effective Tractor Tyres that Last

Article written by Ascenso Tyres UK Cost Effective Tractor Tyres that Last

If you are looking for new tractor or agricultural tyres and need something cost effective that will actually last, Ascenso tyres might be the answer.

Bursting onto the UK agricultural tyre scene in early 2021, the brand has gone from strength to strength becoming a popular choice for farmers and farm contractors across the country.

Not only are the tyres a cost-effective tyre solution but they also look good and perform fantastically. The farm radial tyres all come with 65k speed ratings and the latest Mud Breaker Technology which ensures better self-cleaning properties and maximum traction for optimal performance both in and out of the field.

The tyre range includes well over 400 sizes across Agriculture, Industrial & Construction, Material Handling, Earth Mover and Forestry, including key agricultural fitments such as the 560/60R22.5 floatation tyre, 460/70R24 loader tyre and many more.

Ascenso also offers an incredible warranty on their tyres, 7 years warranty on farm radial tyres and 5 years on bias. Showing how confident they are in the quality and longevity of their tyres.

It’s not just farmers seeing the benefits of Ascenso tyres, the brand also has Original Equipment (OE) status on manufacturers’ products, including Fliegl, Househam Sprayers, Larrington Trailers, with more manufacturers currently testing the tyres.

Tom Bush, director at BA Bush & Son Ltd said, “We have seen a great response to the products, and with the arrival of Ascenso’s range of VF technology in the coming months, we feel the brand will soon cater for all aspects of the agricultural tyre market making it the go-to brand for farm owners and contractors. The VF range will include a range of popular sizes including 600/60R30, 710/55R30, 420/85R34 and 560/60R22.5 to name but a few. Ascenso are looking to introduce an additional 300 new sizes in 2023 taking the full product range to nearly the 800 mark, well exceeding many leading tyre manufacturers. BABush are already in talks with many OE manufacturers to test the VF line up, as they see the Ascenso range as a cost-effective, performance solution to their current brand portfolio”.

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