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Manitou Telehandler Breaking the Tyre Habit 2024

Article written by Ascenso Tyres UK Manitou telehandler

The Telehandler A Modern Farm Workhorse

The Agricultural Telehandler has evolved to become an exceptionally versatile working vehicle. Their sturdy construction, and hydraulic arm, has made them an essential piece of farming machinery across UK farms and throughout the wider world.

It is their ability to manage anything a busy farmer, farm manager or farm hand could wish for in one compact unit.

A well serviced and maintained telehandler can last for decades, only taken out of commission when parts for them become scarce.

At Ascenso understanding that every vehicle you have working for you needs to be working as efficiently as possible is paramount to us.

Our team of designers and engineers work hard on creating products that meet and exceed your expectations.

Manitou chooses Ascenso as OE tyre

That’s correct, our Ascenso tyres are in fact OE on Manitou Group Telehandlers. This is a serious vote of confidence in our brand. Why is it then that Manitou chose Ascenso from every other tyre manufacturer.

Well to answer that question continue reading about this telehandler.

The life this Manitou Agricultural Telehandler leads is a hard one. The vehicle must make constant trips from field to road across challenging surfaces.

The vehicle will be in constant use and any down time due to mechanical failure is not only costly to repair but costly in terms of time lost.

The owner of this featured Telehandler contacted Bush Tyres, who in turn sent out their specialist Bushmobile tyre fitting team to replace the worn tyres.

Once the team had removed the old tyres a brand-new set of four Ascenso MIR220 where fitted. Each one of our tyres comes with a 7-year warranty and will do far less damage to your bottom line than many other well known but not as well constructed brands.

This claim is backed up by an independent study which compared Ascenso against two leading tyre brands.

This research was carried out by the respected Italian company Provano. The summary of their report can be read by clicking here.

Our robust steel belted Ascenso MIR220, and their enhanced tyre carcass, provides the operator with better stability when, manoeuvring, lifting, and working both on and off the field.

Meaning, when required it will dependably take produce from the field and transport it back to your farmyard for sorting or storing.

The tyre’s traction and self-cleaning properties are improved over our competitors due to the design of the tread pattern. Overall, this is a seriously robust tyre, engineered to be that way.

Breaking habits can be difficult, we all have a favourite pair of slippers that we are drawn back to. We know them, for many when the choice comes to replace them it’s often easier to just stick with what we know. Which is exactly why millions of consumers pay far more than they should every year because big brands are relying on them to stick with what they know.

This is where Ascenso is making great in-roads in breaking the cycle that leads to bad purchasing decisions.

You can see our full range of Ascenso tyres by clicking on the link below. That way when you need your next set of tyres, you will be able to think Ascenso!

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