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IMB 165

Tubeless IMP Agriculture Tyre

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Optimal Tread Design:
• Excellent traction & self-cleaning
• High contact area for better stability and driving comfort
Superior Carcass:
• Ensures better load-carrying ca

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IMB 161

Tubeless I-2 Agriculture Tyre

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Wider Footprint:
Minimises soil compaction and protects the grassland
Optimum Height to Width Ratio:
Ensures stability
Strong Nylon Carcass:
Provides high load-carrying capacity

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IMB 162

Tubeless I-3 Agriculture Tyre

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Specially-designed Directional Tread Pattern:
Ensures excellent traction and self-cleaning properties
Superior Carcass Construction:
High load-carrying capacity and directional stability
Special Tread Compound:
Ensures longer tyre life

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IMB 163

Tubeless I-1 Agriculture Tyre

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Specially Designed Ribbed Tyre:
Low rolling resistance
Wider Centre Rib:
Provides excellent manoeuvrability and long tyre life
Constant Tension Construction Minimises Crowning of the Tyre

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