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TDB 120

Tyre Type R-1 Agriculture Tyre

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Wider Lugs:
Easy to penetrate the soil, generate optimum
traction and ensure comfortable ride
Sturdy Sidewall Structure:
Provides resistance to external damage
Strong Nylon Carcass:
Safeguards the tyre against failures

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TDR 900

Tubeless R-1 Agriculture Tyre

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Narrow & Sprayer Tyres Designed with a Unique Mud Breaker:
• High load-carrying capacity for smooth operations
• High traction
• Ensures soil protection and provides better roadability

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TSB 111

Tyre Type F-2 Agriculture Tyre

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Unique Dumbbell Pattern:
Reduces block tearing and shoulder block deformation
Strong Nylon Carcass:
Provides stability to the machine and ensures durability
Special Tread Compound:
• Ensures longer tyre life
• Resistance to punc

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XLR 880

Tubeless R-1W Agriculture Tyre

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Optimum Tread Design:
Maximum performance in the field and on-road operations
First in the Industry with Dual Mud Breakers:
Ensure better self-cleaning and maximum traction
Greater Lug Overlap:
Provides safe and comfortable ride at high speeds

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